JAREL ZHANG, presented his collection fall winter 2019-2020 in Paris. In this collection JAREL, interprets the stories of the creation and breeding of the things in the world and the establishment of civilization from the perspective of “creation”; it also encourages people to keep “primary” spirit and curious about the world, culture and science and technology.

The innovation and exploration of fabrics have always been one of JAREL ZHANG’s trademarks. In this season, JAREL adopts collage consisted of a large amount of different materials like down feather, interlock, knitted fabric, space cotton, which highlights the integration-creation cultural and philosophical spirits that this season wants to convey.

JAREL ZHANG’s brand DNA is to blend philosophical ideas and joyful life stories in fashion. Most of his works originate from his personal view of the world or his feelings and thoughts during his growing-up years. His women’s wear is avant-garde and nonsexual. Those novel shapes have structural details. The design includes simple colors and a variety of tailoring techniques. Material selection and the final completion process both demonstrate a very modern point of view.

Each season, JAREL ZHANG’s works is focused on a specific space. It explores deeper its connotation, integrates relevant ideas and elements in fashion, and express its philosophical through its atmosphere.Photos: Lappartpr