Rami Kadi presented his 6th sewing collection “Sweet Caos” autumn-winter 2017-2018 at the Meurice in Paris. This collection explores the meanders of chaos, its instability, the confusion it sows, the fragmentation of clarity. Life can not be unequivocal, it can not be certain. She plays with us and takes us by surprise. She takes us by surprise and shakes our senses.

Each of the creations of this collection is an ode to this vertiginous whirlwind, a striking testimony of beauty in which fine embroidery and handmade hold a prominent place.

In this season, the motifs are remarkably bold, they are masters of optical illusion. Here, everything aspires to the calm of the fascination and at the same time everything is noise, everything is moving!

The geometric lines intersect, the thin and thick lines dialogue and debate, all in a foolhardy blur that ends up sticking to our skin.Turquoise, red, purple, royal blue or emerald green exalt black, intensify white! The delicacy of the tulle and the softness of the satin contrast with the density of velvet and leather.Light looks, princess cuts and close-fitting models accentuate the idea of ​​a powerful rebellion against the illusory order and pay tribute to the hypnotic silhouettes of times of trouble.
Imposing, intense, shouting and no less eternally feminine, this collection expresses itself loud and clear!


For the occasion, Chef Pastry Chef Cédric Grolet created lightnings inspired by the collection. Many VIPs and influencers were present yesterday, enthusiastic about the geometric lines that intersect the new collection “Sweet Chaos” of RAMI KADI.

Bianca Brandolini, actress Jackie Cruz of Orange is the new black, designer Brian Atwood, Léa Salamé, Mademoiselle Agnès, writer Saphia Azzedine, Lorena Vergani Emmanuel Perrotin’s companion, Hermine of Clermont Tonnerre, Actress and beauty Thai Lydia Sarunrat, creator Shourouk, Couture Ella Peter and Karolina Zubkova, influential artists Camila Coelho, Eleonora Carisi, Lydia Sarunrat, Carin Olsson and many others.

Credit: Patrick Sawaya/Rami Kadi

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