Rami Kadi, presented his new collection Haute Couture spring-summer 2019 entitled “Éternité Éphémère” in Paris. It is the spirit of the Burning Man Festival that inspired Rami Kadi for this collection. This festival, which attracts thousands of people each year to the American desert, is a unique performance, where everyone is free to explore different levels of artistic expression.
If it is not given to everyone to express themselves by our gifts, we have the freedom to do so through our pace. Flirting with contrasts, blossoming in the beauty of the gesture, seizing the elusive, it is a vision of the world nuanced, emancipated, reconciled and always vibrant that delivers the Lebanese-American designer Rami Kadi to each collection.
“The clothes we wear are a state of mind, a way of expressing themselves, which forges the personality deeply by modeling a silhouette. One can liberate its extravagant, wild, provocative part, and experiment with new forms of expression.
Anyone can be an artist, just play, dare and express themselves through their own image. And what could be more daring than to seize the ephemeral and mold it into sculptural pieces, like works of art, but which at the same time marry the skin and caress the grain?
For fashion designer Rami Kadi, it is a dangerous exercise, which he brilliantly records: he manages to capture the ephemeral, reconcile opposites, captivate the times, which can not be grasped, and make sewing. To capture things as elusive as a ray of light, the reflection of a color, or the carelessness of youth.
The Couture 2019 Sewing Collection pieces are assembled with these changing, scandalous and precious, iridescent materials that are so vibrant on the woman who wears them, but require expert and agile hands. (It’s more than fifty experienced seamstresses who embroider one by one these wonders in hand, in Beirut itself).
There, the image of laser-cut Plexiglas pieces, tears of crystals in the colors of the rainbow that form dresses to dazzle. Transparency and lightness complement each other with power and audacity. Shyness is not welcome: the hair of holographic angels that form fringes express themselves with every movement of the body. The shapes are bright and the materials shiny, everyone is free!

Photos: Rami Kadi

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