Self-taught artist, his artistic career has always been firmly established in his professional career. In the 1980s he took part in the creation of the painting group MOMENT SYNTHESE and the creation of a computer science company applied to graphic art on computer CREATION METHODE MODERN. He exhibits his production at private or public events such as the SICOB. Architect, he continues to practice painting and sculpture with exhibitions on Deauville and its region. In 2012, the professional use of digital tools opens to him a reflection on a new digital artistic course in the continuity of his artistic studies.

The exhibition in Gallery 12 demonstrates his commitment to this new dimension of his expression.
Art will always remain a vast subject and his work is but a tiny part of a universe which he describes as limitless. Inscribed in this process, he is the witness of a past and the actor of a present.
Digital painting is for him a new renaissance in the continuity of classical painting. He tries to use the technique and its content by form, perspective, color, with the power of a computer, a tablet or even a phone. The software offers copies of brushes, felts, pencils, aerosols on virtual supports papers, canvas, fabrics, while managing flat, line, thickness, pressures, transparencies. Working on layers that melt and multiply, isolating parts or changes of scale, looking for visual emotions in a classical writing his work sets up a universe where his imagination finds a way to flourish.

Imagination without end relying on composition, structure, variation, repetition, color, perspective, subject, unconscious, realism, collective imagination, symbols.
Each of his points is for him a richness of expression which allows him to open his production in all directions. The tool does not bend to the ease it presents at first but it uses it rigorously for its creative power. His creations are the result of an applied aesthetic work whose limits are those that he decides. They are not a graphic design like all the images we consume but they are a pictorial continuity without oil, without acrylic, without aerosol can. His digital painting is the painting of the “Cloud” as can be Street art for the street, or a lunch on the grass of already more than a century ago. His research goes in this historical sense by introducing the scale. His painting goes to the infinitely small, as the infinitely great. It is also a painting that uses light in color. All these directions, totally new, shake up the codes of traditional artistic represe

This is the trouble of digital painting.
His digital painting can be in a small frame on a living room wall or on the full wall. His reprography on new supports such as Alu-dibond, canvas, acrylic glass gives him a quality of material that the subjects accompany.

We are in a real “new” expression.
His research focuses on several areas. Graphics, abstract or realistic deformation, color and perception of space with its structuring perspective. The eye for it must be able to be guided in an emotional reading or everything can be telescoped. Its production is therefore very varied, orchestrated by the historical engines of painting. A graphic spot will be the starting point on a white screen with my hand and pencil as a means. It will be modeled to give an idea, a subject, a detail to stop and finish on what he calls a digital painting.

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