Oriental Fashion Show presented its haute couture collection 2018 at the Hotel of Crillon in Paris. For this 20th edition the Oriental Fashion Show is renewed with the presentation of two fashion show.
The designers from all over the world have been carefully selected for their professionalism and know-how in the field of oriental fashion. This fashion that has always inspired the greatest, which continues to inspire and that still has great things to show. Full of wealth, Oriental fashion is an inexhaustible source …
An event that has already conquered the countries of the East and Africa through editions organized in Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco and Azerbaijan, an international ambition.

Hadia BENJELLOUN – Morocco

Icon of the Moroccan Kaftan, Hadia Benjelloun varies the styles without betraying the tradition. her touch is recognizable at first glance :
Nobility of materials, explosion of colors, all enhanced by a masterly hand by the various Moroccan craftsmen who conceive all the work by the ancestral know-how.

Through her creations, Hadia Benjelloun seeks to please the woman by thinking of her comfort and by offering her a chic and glamorous outfit,
while putting a touch of eccentricity in it. The many years of experience in the field of Kaftan make the masons of couture Hadia Benjelloun one of the undisputed references in Morocco.Rasha AL WAZZAN – Kuweit

The first steps of Rasha Al Wazzan in the field of fashion go back to 2004. This Kuwaiti stylist begins her activity by opening her first shop in the
Complex Al Muthanna, where she scrolls through her collections. Soon, success followed and led her to open a second shop at the Kuwait Magic, and then a third at the Al Babteen Sanabel Tower.Moreover, she often presents her collections and participates in numerous shows gathering several international designers.
In May 2017, she participated to the International Fashion Week co-organized by the Oriental Fashion Show, at the Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait City.
For her first performance in the capital of fashion, she chose the Hotel de Crillon to show her new collection. Sergey SHABUNIN – Kazakhstan
Sergey Shabunin brand was created in 2004. Its inspiration was the fashion designer from Kazakhstan. The ideas that form the basis of the work of the designer of the brand SS is the sublimation of folklore’s essence with the modern fashion. The integrity of the collections of the brand SS is achieved by using high quality textiles and well-calibrated colors.
One of the main methods of the designer is combining different textured materials in one product. Another distinctive feature of the SS brand’s collection is the use of an extensive color palette in the works. The combination of seemingly incongruous colors and textures of fabrics is the main feature of the collections of the brand SS. Using the handmade features – hand knitting, rolling of fabrics, various techniques for performing embroidery, artificial aging, his own prints – create the style of the brand.
Catholic cathedrals and their stained-glass artwork became aninspiration for the 2018 autumn-winter collection of the SS brand. Bright stranded color-work, embroidered with crystal, artificial pearls and multi-colored glass, creates the illusion of playful sun rays in the patterned windows. Embroidery with golden thread tells the story of luxury reflected on the decoration of the altars.
The arcades and buttresses of basil were reflected in the making of the dresses and skirts.
Albert OIKNINE – Morocco
For several years, Albert Oiknine has traveled the world to promote his brand.
Thus, it’s inspired by the best of what traditions can give while flirting with modern trends.
Albert Oiknine carves his Kaftans as authentic pieces of art. Each collection is the subject of an extensive work on colors and materials.
Sumptuous print, transparent laces and shimmering embroideries of pearls and crystals…The Kaftans of Albert Oiknine are easy to identify, Considered as part the elite of Moroccan fashion, he charms the public with his unique style.
Kakhriya KHALAFOVA – Azerbaijan

Famous Azerbaijani designer, Fakhriya Khalafova draws her inspiration from the rich heritage of her country.
Graduated from High Special School of Art Design Of Turkey, she began her career in fashion in 1998. Her credo is the transformation of national costume into modern clothing design, a combination of classical and modernist styles. Talented and bold, the stylist wins many international awards thanks to her unique pieces Her maison de couture has also designed collections of perfumes for men and women.After a first participation in the Hotel Georges V in 2014, Fakhriya returns to the podium of the Oriental Fashion Show to present her new collection.Bouchra FILALI – Morocco

Specialized in the design of traditional Moroccan Kaftans, Bouchra Filali s conceives original outfits combining refinement and tradition. Her maison de couture FBk has made its slogan: “Elegance & Authenticity” to remind that her designs meet the most advanced criteria of fashion
inspired by the old Kaftans and remaining faithful to the principles and foundations of traditional Moroccan outfits.Bridal gowns are the specialty of the house and are, therefore, the most elaborate pieces in the collection.They simultaneously push grace and authenticity to their paroxysm, making each model a unique piece, as rare as any work of art must be.Saad OUADRASSI – Kuweit – Paris

Originally from Morocco, Saad Ouadrassi began his studies in fashion in his home country before being spotted by “The Bourgeoisie”, a fashion house in Kuwait, that he joined in 2012 as fashion designer. Two years later, he was appointed art director of the maison de couture Saad joins Paris to perfect his training and change his style, becoming more refined and elegant, mixing lightness and elegant, mixing lightness of materials and sophisticated forms. His fairy-faced dresses reveal the sensuality and character of modern woman and elegant, mixing lightness of materials and sophisticated forms. His fairy-faced dresses reveal the sensuality and character of modern woman.
Since, based in Kuwait, Saad offers his customers a modern style.
His dresses attracted several arabic artists such as Shatha Hassoun, Houda Saad, Belqess Fathi, Amal Al Awadi, DouniaBatma…Credit: RRL/Voltem Magazine

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