Murielle Kabile is a French artist, stylist and artistic hairdresser of training, combines his talents and his know-how to give birth to astonishing sculptures. Unique works made of synthetic hair fiber, made and woven with extreme meticulousness. Assemblies of several locks, coiffed, lacquered with great care that parries the head and the body of his models. Tiaras, haute couture dresses or contemporary works, the universe of Murielle Kabile is at the crossroads and cultures.

Murielle Kabile is the guest of honor at the latest Fashion Week in Milan and New York, and is making her debut in the world of fashion as a leather stylist. At the same time, the young woman obtained her professional patent as a hair stylist and practiced her talents in Haute Coiffure. Curious and bold, she decides in 2014 to divert capillary fiber to use it in her artistic creations. Clothes, installations, photos, sculptures, Murielle Kabile is guided by his instincts and his desires.

Interview with this Designer Hair Couture.

How would you define your work?

It is true that my approach does not fit in any condition. I do not belong entirely to Haute Couture or Haute Coiffure. I do not expect to do hairdressing when I dress someone, even if it is a realization of hair. And I do not consider myself as a plastic artist when I sculpt the hair fiber on the head of a model. My creations are the mix of all of these universes and I think the term Designer Hair Couture is the one that would define me best.

Why did you choose the hair as a material?

I am in love with the hair and I wanted to exploit it differently by turning it away. For what interests me is to see how far I can go with this material.

Is there a connection between your mixed origins and your desire to want to exploit the hair?

Hair work is an integral part of the Afro culture. We wear wigs, we add wicks, we make extensions. My ancestral roots, kabile and Martinique, certainly have an unconscious part in my approach but it was not a bias at the beginning. I love working all types of hair whether smooth, curly, frizzy, synthetic or natural.

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me! To start with the daily. The people I meet, the parades or exhibitions I attend, the world that moves around me. It can be the shape of a building, a garment or the color of a fabric. I look at the current world and transpose it into my creations.

How do you create your creations?

I am my heart and my desires. At first, I have more or less a mental projection of what I want to achieve. I then begin to put the first elements on a bust and then I let myself be guided by my instinct. I do not draw. I hate that. I would feel like wasting my time because often the end result does not look like what I had originally imagined. I prefer to throw myself without net and create directly on the mannequin.

Could you explain what was the main theme of your last collection?

For this latest collection “Big Hair World”, Each hair has its specificities. What I liked with the textured hair was to work volumes, shapes and colors. I was part of the Afro Cup that I voluntarily amplified to give new proportions to the body. Beyond the aesthetic aspect of the volumes of this cut it is also its historical and sociological side that I wanted to evoke.

Can you tell us about your future projects?

I am currently collaborating with other designers. The designer of jewelry Maud Viallaret for Toubab Paris, the Italian stylist Fabio Porliod, specialized in leather work. I also have projects with photographers Xavier Dollin and David Ekue or Stéphanie Ledoux, à former biologist who left everything behind to dedicate itself to the drawing of journey.

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