LAZOSCHMIDL, presented the autumn-winter 2019/20 collection, entitled “Planet Sex” in Paris. A disturbing collection.

Thunder without rain. The air sweltry, sticky, salty. Stranded. Their frst encounter in the midst of the midnight desert disrupts an orgy of thewy men, yet they are invited to join. Later, a woman with three breasts, dressed only in a mesh of what appears to be diamond necklaces, invites them for dinner. Back in their tents, inquisitorial humans prepare for the diplomats reception with the promiscuous alien race, bulging with stamina and erotic excitement.
Unknown director: “Again!”
Unknown assistant: “They hardly wear any clothes!”
Woman with three breasts: “It’s called method acting, darling.”

The collection cites a fctitious sci-f B-movie novel and follows the adventures of a failed sexpedition. Garments feature slinky chiffon, satin plissé, hand-beaded crystal mesh and signature lurex jacquards. While phallic symbolism is translated into retro-futurist uniform patches, reworked animal prints provoke a feeling of existentialism. The season also marks the 2nd edition of the LAZOSCHMIDL Intimates underwear line.
Unknown assistant: “Planet Sex?“
Woman with three breasts: “It’s just a destination.”Photos: Totem/LAZOSCHMIDL

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