Frank Sorbier, presented his new Couture Spring-Summer 2019 collection in Paris. The creator finds his inspiration between the meeting of two cultures the Far East and the West, of the nineteenth century. This new season evokes Japanese engravings engraved on wood, the famous prints of the Ukiyo-e, term meaning “image of the floating world”.
These prints were born in an era of peace and prosperity under Tokugawa shogunate rule and with the emergence of an urban bourgeoisie, they are about describing the pleasures of everyday life. All passages bear the name of a Master of the print.
The summer of 2019 will be theatrical as a pantomime of twists and turns.
A fusion of Far Eastern heritage culture and Western fashion in the throes of decadence. Evidenced by the evocation of samurai, sumos on the one hand and “Lolitas kawaï Harajuku” on the other.
A world where everyone has their place.

Photos: Franck Sorbier

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