Félix Aberasturi, visual artist.

It works in several stages.
First, he searches for his subjects, his characters and all the necessary accessories
To create the illusion of the reality of his composite photos.
For this he uses an inexhaustible and amazing library of ancient and contemporary images.
He reworks the images by scanning: major surgery for some of these characters, complete creation for others.
It is the stage of the awakened dream, of the tightrope walker who juggles with the feelings while keeping the balance between the imaginary and the real. It is also a long work of construction to produce a “photo” which will make possible the access of the spectator to this parallel world created by the artist.

Secondly, he chooses a support: photo paper, collage on wood, Dibond, sometimes prints on sheets of paper to reconstruct the images poster style of Metro. In any case it has a precise intention that brings a plus to the composition.

Then comes the third time, that of color.
It is there that he allows his unconscious to speak more freely;
Aside from the choice of technique – oil, Chinese inks and rarely acrylic – colorist work or that of tasks, tears, more abstract,
Brings the final and definitive metamorphosis of his images that become alive. It is the use of painting that triggers the magic of his works
And which also brings the key to try to elucidate all the secrets hidden in the background.

His main subject is humanity in its entirety and its cosmic integrity: its existence, its questions, its facets emphasized by the obligatory mobility around the work, its weaknesses.
“If the subject is important,” says Félix Aberasturi, “I leave it to everyone to interpret it as it sees fit.
This allows him to escape from the dictatorship of conceptual artists, to exploit his own artistic sensitivity, and, in turn, to attain that of the viewer and his capacity to appropriate the work.





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