For over forty years, the American Luxury Jewelry, David Yurman is renowned to adorn women of all ages with her jewelry. His signature model “Cable” has become iconic.By forging this year’s High Jewelry collection, Evan Yurman, artistic director of the Men’s, Woman’s and High Jewelry lines, sublimates the aesthetics of the previous collections. This aesthetics is driven by design and form, love of materials and the art of sculpture. The pieces in the collections are an eloquent expression of this. The sculptural dimension of David Yurman’s jewels was constantly visible.

For the Fall of 2017, four collections – Stax, Petals, Pearls and Gems – offer a variety of styles ranging from diamonds crimping “Cable”, to the black rhodium of sparkling petals, to the refinement of South Sea pearls And the eternal seduction of precious stones to exceptional quality. Among the key pieces in these collections are the Necklace “Night Petals”, the Earrings in Tourmaline and Pearls of the South Seas, the Necklace Torsade in spinel. Combining the exceptional and the everyday, this is what makes the beauty of David Yurman’s jewelry and makes it so easily portable. With High Jewelry the House has further enriched its successful collections.


At the heart of the night, we rely on heaven to read our future and invoke our dreams. The stars are our vows, starting with those of our childhood that we recite with this endearing nursery rhyme: “Star light, Star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish …” (Light Star, Star Shining, I see tonight, I wish …). No matter where you live, at nightfall the sky glows with stars and moonbeams. It was during these night hours that David Yurman, awakened by the song of the frogs of his pond in Putman Valley, New York, began sketching. These nocturnal sketches gave birth to the collection “Petals”, whose organic form evokes the water lilies of the pond. For “Night Petals”, the water lilies are made of blackened gold, studded with diamonds, like stars sparkling in the night.

Necklace “Night Petals” In black rhodium plated white gold 18 k, set with brilliants of a total weight of 39.86 carats.
Set with brilliants of a total weight of 19.33 carats, in black rhodium plated 18k white gold.COLLECTION HIGH JACKET “PEARL”

The history of David Yurman and pearls goes back to the origins. From the creation of its Maison de joaillerie in the early 1980s, they made their appearance on sumptuous necklaces, wrapped around their wrists and hung from their ears. The Pearls are a basic of David Yurman. For all those of the Haute Joaillerie collection are nothing basic. Sins in the waters of the South Seas and Tahiti, sources of the most beautiful pearls in the world, they are superior in size, stunning in whiteness and purity and exceptional in form. And for David Yurman they are the best diamond friends. The latter become the frosting of the delicate infinite chain of a necklace or a bracelet of pearls, the brilliance of an ear pendant, the sparkling eye of a ring, whose ring surmounted by A pearl is embellished with their brilliants. The Pearls Haute Joaillerie Collection has the elegance and luxury of simplicity.

South Sea Pearl Necklace: Thirteen South Sea pearls, measuring approximately 15mm to 16mm, with infinite link paved with brilliants. White gold 18k. Clasp clasp with diamonds.
Tourmaline Pearls and South Sea Pearls: The pearl of each pendant is suspended, and connected by a diamond, to a tear-shaped blue tourmaline, set with brilliants. White gold 18k.GEMS HIGH JEWELRY COLLECTION

Architecture and colors meet in the “Gems” collection. Here, fine stones – spinels of Burma, peridots … – enhance the sculptural beauty of “Cable”. The diamonds play the luminous second roles: hyphens, shiny links, clasps set in the form of climbing … And the stones of the Collection “Gems” have everything to amaze: by their rarity, their size and size. Considerable efforts have been made by the David Yurman House to stock up on unexpected stones, and create the design that highlights them, simply, without any noise. Glamor without pretense of precious stones, casual luxury of a high American jewelery, the stones of the collection “Gems” have the nobility of the icons.

Gems Spinel Twisted Necklace Made of approximately 7,000 red spinel beads. Total weight 650 carats. Clasp and cable in 18k white gold, covered with glitter.
‘Gems’ Earrings Shiny red spinel beads topped with diamond-covered interlaced cable.

Crédit: David Yurman

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