Agnès.B, presentation of his new collection spring-summer 2018.

Agnès b. Reworking its models that remain in the air of time, season after season. These are pure colors that the stylist offers us this time, keeping his casual chic style, all in simplicity. In its different universes, thanks to the delicate peculiarities of the clothes, the materials and the motifs, from the sweetest to the most daring, blend perfectly.

It is while flipping through a book by André Villers and Picasso that Agnes b. Remarks the strange familiarity of the painter’s wardrobe with his own creations and makes it the starting point of his collection man summer 2018. Open mesh, poplin briefs or work shirts with patch pockets recall the comfort, Essential to the painter. The color of china blue, white, beige, black, illustrate this pleasant lifestyle, with the enlarged volumes of the cups, thought to be comfortable. Flower-printed shirts by the stylist and straight leg pants at the replacing size complete this theme.

After observing this simplicity in which she recognizes herself, Agnes b. Also finds photos to try to redefine the elegance to the French. Sepia shots taken in the summer of 1936 in Normandy by his father. These characters appear to us as fashion icons of the time; They wear nonchalant light linen, jacquard, fleece or cross-buttoned jackets, or junior college boy sweaters and jackets. These summer activities, a sailing trip or a seaside lunch, which the family approaches with remarkable elegance, have inspired a theme with a joyful and playful atmosphere: boat or square neck, polo shirts, striped t-shirts, A digital print of a sailboat photo on a woven pattern.

The same man for whom the stylist has created pieces more rock, more extravagant for this nightlife that she likes with a jacket in black and white jacquard that pushes the codes alone. Street art is also present in the collection, with little touches on the back of the jackets, or in an all-over print signed by JonOne on a costume; Such as digital prints, from various models, from Abdelkader Benchamma to photographs taken by the stylist. T-shirts by artists and jersey, worked in all its forms, costume, jacket alone, tee-shirt or polo, perfect this collection summer 2018.

Credit: RRL

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