Ariane Chaumeil, creator of the brand ABE presented its collection “Past to Present” in Paris. The designer was awarded the Ateliers de France label in 2014, with a training in glasswork with a blowtorch. This work consists in working the glass in fusion, giving it forms, colors and effects thanks to a perpetual movement, aimed at mastering both the viscous and solid state.

The creator associates the sensibility of this work with that of the violin which has no reference and allows a very great interpretation and freedom of expression. In order to give its full dimension to her art, she decided to accompany her pieces of glass with a jewel respecting her personal and intimate universe.

Ariane Chaumeil therefore integrated the work of metal and brass in particular, in order to create more demanding and finished pieces. Thus, by sawing, twisting, welding, the metal offers a new dimension to its pieces of glass.

The brass meshes are fixed one by one, allowing to work the ornaments such as textile pieces and can thus take any shape, and any dimension. The metal prints give a structure and an antique look that holds it to heart. She sets no limits and experimented with any technique and craft that could serve and enhance her work as an art glassmaker, such as the plumasserie that is very present in her work.

Credit: ABE

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