DAWEI set off on a grand voyage for the 2019 Spring/Summer collection, taking inspiration from the life story of 17th century pirate-scientist William Dampier. Unlike other Buccaneer of his time, Dampier were fascinated by natural rather than treasure, and made popular sensation by his books.

Though you can spot the sailing influence from the loose knot on shirt, string belt or pirate-like suit, but DAWEI is all about urban, minimal and sporty details.

Stars of the brand, cats “naive” and “innocent” are still playing an important role, as well as popular silhouette from previous seasons – strapless skirt, off-shoulder shirt. Raffles on sleeves and cocoon-skirt, adds a softer touch to the collection. DAWEI introduced different shades of pink, from faded mulberry to cherry blossom, made it a very Spring/Summer season. The unexpected palettes, greyish-blue, emerald together with gingham and stripes formed a breezy and modern collection.

Photos: Dawei